Arise, The fire, the Power, and the Glory

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“ Parenthood is a lifelong journey that one embarks on the moment your child is born. Every little thing your child does is etched into one’s memory and can be “looked” at, whenever facing a difficult time.” “Most of us can’t even get past our past, but we are so eager to get to the future.” “You need to know WHO YOU are.” Finding out who we are is never easy, finding out the truth is also not the easiest thing to handle when it is discovered. Teaching yourself to handle the truth is both easier when you know how. Jay P Joubert, the Author of ARISE will teach you how to handle real life issues in this book. Dealing with issues such as; Understanding parent and teenagers, dealing with your past, teenage pregnancies, parenthood, pastors and dealing with real life everyday issues. If you love someone enough to see them ARISE to their destiny, then this book is for them! ARISE in THE FIRE, POWER AND GLORY OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE Today!

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