The Heart of Money, A Couple’s Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy

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Deborah Price left the financial services industry when she discovered that the best financial advice or plan couldn’t help clients solve their core money issues. She went on to pioneer the field of money coaching because people’s financial struggles are “more psychological and emotional than they are practical.” Each chapter in The Heart of Money — on topics including breaking through taboos, learning the language of financial intimacy, assessing money patterns, understanding money “types,” and facing setbacks and crises — is packed with strategies and exercises, as well as real-life coaching excerpts from Price’s clients. Couples learn to get past secrecy, shame, fear, and ignorance to become a team working toward shared goals. Though money can’t buy love, money issues can chip away at it. Price demonstrates how to co-create the kind of financial foundation that strengthens, rather than threatens, intimacy.

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