Meditating in the Word of God, Taking Possession of the Kingdom

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Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of GodThis book is a must for those seeking to truly know our father. It provides astounding, and auspicious revelations concerning our coming to;The Knowledge Of God.There are two parts in Jesus statement above. One part is an action, or effort to be taken, and the other is the effect or result. And, is a conj. meaning then, or with this consequence. Shalt, (shall) used with, I, we, or thou, expresses future tense . The action we are to take is, to hear God. God is a spirit, so how do we hear a spirit? To hear God, is to pay attention to his thoughts, which are his righteous judgments, and giving them deep thought continuously. Hearing is an active process that involves thought and expenditure of energy. To hear God is to think his thoughts, hearing him in the spirit of the mind, the heart, where the issues of life are. The King James bible concordance describes the word think as: To Meditate. The Oxford American Dictionary describes thought as; Meditation: The process, or “power of thinking”. Deep thought. Through continued meditation in Gods righteous judgments, receiving and keeping them continually in the spirit of our minds, we thereby consecrate ourselves unto his thoughts, withal casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. 2 Cor 10:4-7 God has given us his thoughts, his judgments of all events, past, present, and future by his word. The kingdom is not seen with the eyes. As spoken by Jesus, its neither here nor there. You are to receive the kingdom within your heart, within the spirit of your mind, by meditating in the word. Thereby taking possession of the kingdom of God. The Kings Domain. King: Sovereign, or supreme ruler. Domain: Field Of Thought.h2{color:red;}p.question{color:red}p.answer{color:#red;}

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