Goddess Seeker

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Goddess Seeker is the account of Steven Jenny’s immersion in the Nike Culture, allowing the religious-like experience to motivate, influence, and alter his thoughts and actions while shaping his way of life. It begins when he hears the voice of the late American distance runner Steve Prefontaine say, “See; find J.” Steven Jenny interprets the Prefontaine voice as guiding him to find Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory. Following his search through an Internet dating site, he selects three “Jens” who fit his ideal of the goddess Nike. Simultaneous to the pursuit of these three goddesses, Steven Jenny’s dream of a 3on3 basketball event outside Portland’s Rose Garden arena begins blossoming. After running in Pre’s footsteps in Eugene, Steven Jenny moves to Beaverton and begins running daily around the Nike World Campus. He continues seeking support for his dream of Nikefest, a full-fledged sports festival while seeking his victory zephyr. Stan Talbott, 47, works as a financial advisor with an office in Portland, Oregon. In 2008 he earned his M.S. degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Oregon. In 1986, Talbott earned his B.A. degree in Journalism, also from the University of Oregon. He is an avid fan of Oregon Ducks Athletics, and a Lifetime UO Alumni Member! Talbott, a passionate advocate for the Constitution, First Amendment, and Freedom of Expression, is currently working, triathlon training, and composing his next novel in his Central Oregon Homeland.

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