The Deliverance of Faye

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Are you worried about dying? Is your life slipping away so fast that you don’t know what direction you’re going? Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your destiny? If so, I invite you to read the testimony of a woman named Faye who was in a similar situation but was able to turn around her destiny before her race was finished. This book will take you on her journey filled with moments of fear, despair, hope and victory. Her hope was restored after receiving visions of heaven and visitations from angels. These events ultimately led to her deliverance and salvation. I pray that this testimony will strengthen and encourage you as you search for answers. I know you’ve asked yourself, “So, what’s next? Where do I go from here? Does heaven really exist? How do I get there?” If you are desperate for answers, keep reading. Join me as we experience a life changing transformation that allowed this woman to experience God’s promise of heaven, a place where hunger, thirst, sadness, pain, sickness, and death have lost their grasp forever.

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