The Assistant (A Hot Adult Lesbian Story), F/F Lesbian Erotica

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Mia is a high-powered woman, CEO of an international pharmaceutical company, with altogether too much to think about each and every minute of each and every day. That’s why she hired Heather as her assistant. While Mia appreciated the young woman’s beauty, that didn’t factor into it. Heather was as capable as they came. She always sacrificed for the company, and Mia knew there were big things in the young woman’s future. But a few literal bumps in the road change the nature of their relationship… * Heather is trialing a new medicine when she experiences a strange side-effect: The medicine makes her extremely sensitive and prone to climaxing. A bump in the road? Two? That’s all it takes. It’s not such a bad thing, right? At least, not until it happens when she’s in the car with her boss. Especially since she can’t suppress her cries of pleasure… Especially not when she notices her boss eying her hungrily…

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