The Arabian Nights, A Companion

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A generous and erudite book…We’re in the company of someone who loves The Arabian Nights, and who has generously shared that love with us through this companion.’ – Michele Roberts, Independent on Sunday ‘Superlative…just the sort of relaxed, informative book that Edmund Wilson might have written had he grown interested in the Middle East and its early literature.’ – Michael Dirda, Washington Post ‘Irwin organizes his material like a good storyteller…he gives us the crystallized sum of The Nights: ancedote, history, moral fable, aphorism, story after story, wonder upon wonder. This monumental, infinitely faceted gem should be every writer’s bedtime sampler.’ – Michael Moorcock, New Statesman & Society ‘A work both learned and witty…Robert Irwin has wonderfully deepened the pleasures and the interest in reading The Arabian Nights as a supreme work of imaginative fiction.’ – Marina Warner,TLS

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