Sent to the Assistant Principal’s Office, The Door is Always Open

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As an assistant principal and former teacher in a large diverse K-8 public school, I deal daily with a multitude of issues that directly affect the scope and sequence of your child’s education. Therefore, I have written a book entitled Sent to the Assistant Principal’s Office: The Door Is Always Open. From the arrival of the first bus to the last bell, I cover the key issues, problems, and challenges that confront parents daily and offer them advice on how to deal with the many complexities and intricacies of public school. My advice is based on my experiences and interactions with parents, teachers, students, and staff. I describe a typical sample scenario, and I offer solutions based on experience with an anecdote or two tossed in for flavor, context, and texture. This book is intended to reach a large audience. Parents, grandparents, guardians, or anyone else, who advocates for public school-aged children K-12, will find this book a useful tool by which to navigate their child’s journey through public school. And it is presented in simple, clear, and plain terms. Although comprehensive, it is concise enough for adults who do not have the time to read a lengthy, complicated research-based study or surf the Internet for confusing and ambiguous Web sites. This book cuts to the core of what to look for, say, ask, and do as the parent or custodian of a public school child. Think of it as a one-stop shopping for your child’s public school experience.

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