Kenya the Beloved

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Kenya the Beloved is a book written with love. The book is about one man’s love for his country, Kenya.It is about his vision and desire to see justice, peace and freedom in his country. In this book, the author, (Job Ombati) tries to remind his fellow countrymen where they have come from. He tries to tell a story of their conquest of injustice and their development and progress that they made since independence. As he takes you from the The Day Before’, he shows you how peaceful the country was before the arrival of the colonialist. The book describes well how Kenyan people fought the colonialist and won their freedom. It tells who was who and how they participated in the struggle. Kenya The Beloved tells how white men came to Kenya as missionaries (Visitors) and turned to be colonialists. It tells how hospitable Kenyans were to have welcomed the Visitors, without knowing their hidden agenda. After realizing that the Visitors had ill-motives, the Africans united against him and started a revolt. This revolt did not take one face, as many might think. It took different people with different approaches to dismantle colonialism completely from Kenya. This is an important point that the book raises because many other books have been written pointing to only one movement called Mau-mau as being the only revolt that was used to oust colonialists. Kenya the Beloved says that that is not entirely true. The book also tells what was at stake and why the Africans of Kenya had to fight. In wildlife, the book tells that animals in Kenya were plenty and beautiful before and after the colonialists. He then tells how even these animals fought for freedom like every other Kenyan. The book illustrates how well and peaceful the country was before December 27, 2007 when it says things fell apart’. Job does not leave you there stranded as to what to do next, he gives you hope. Job tells how things can be turned around for the better of all the people. He says that even though things have gone terribly wrong, people can still rise and mend fences for the future generation. Above all, this book is an historical account, of some events and freedom struggle for the people of Kenya. This is a book of hope. It is a book that tells vividly the way some people think and the practical way of solving our many problems in the world. Reading this book raises one’s hope and inspires action for the common good of all humanity. Job Ombati believes that if all men can think positive, if all men can start acting with love of one another, the world will be a better place for all to live in. It is with such kind of thinking that he wrote this small book, Kenya The Beloved. It will challenge and inspire you to the end.

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