The Invisible Man – Literary Touchstone Edition

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This Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Classic? includes a glossary and reader?s notes to help the modern reader understand Wells? commentary on this all-too-human desire.H.G. Wells? classic The Invisible Man is an artful combination of a psychological thriller and science fiction novel. A young scientist who discovers the secret of invisibility feels initial joy at his newfound freedoms and abilities, but quickly turns to despair when he realizes the many things he has sacrificed in the pursuit of science. While he struggles to create the formula that will restore his visibility and his connection to other people, murder and mayhem ensue. The Invisible Man is a fascinating account of humanity?s obsession with science and the unforeseen consequences that arise from reckless experimentation. The novel has been captivating readers for well over a century, and it is sure to remain a timeless portrayal of the human desire to overcome the laws of nature and gai

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