The Invisible Man, Awakening the Human Consciousness

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What happened to the usage of common sense in the decision making process? In “The Invisible Man” writer James Leonard Nobles offers some new perspectives on and insightful resolutions for the challenges confronting modern society in the 21st century. And he refuses to submit to the political correctness being forced upon us by the “Powerbrokers of Hypocrisy.” Through persuasive arguments and satire, Mr. Nobles takes on the “Institutions” that have betrayed the American people. He says, “”The history that is written is not always the history that was, and the truth is often hidden beneath ideological propaganda.”” With candor seldom shown today, Jim openly discusses the controversial issues tearing at the hearts and souls of most decent men and women. “The Invisible Man” examines the declining social values and the consequences of our choices. For we stand at the fork of fate. One path is the end and the other path is a new beginning. Choose wisely for there is no going back. About the Author: Author James Leonard Nobles is a new voice from a section of the population often forgotten by society. But he represents the majority of Americans who are fed up with their government, both political parties, irresponsible corporations, and the greed of a few. Born with congenital cataracts in 1960, he knows firsthand how difficult the struggles in life can be. After dropping out of college, Jim returned at the age of 40, where he became the first college graduate in his family. Graduating in August of 2005 with a B.S. in Communications and Information Technology (“New Media”), he has been working tirelessly on “The Invisible Man” for close to four years (first year writing; last three years editing and publishing).

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