The Heart of the Matter, Discovering God’S Highest Priorities

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The Heart of the Matter does not dance around the fringes of acceptable religion nor is it limited by traditional church thinking. Rather, it peels away the many layers of conventional thought to get down to bedrock truth concerning Christianity and living the Christian life. However, in so doing, it carefully adheres to the absolute truth and authority of scripture. The book puts into perspective who God is and his overall plan for creation and eternal fellowship with his bride. It delves into how each person fits into that plan, offering considerable detail concerning the many issues in establishing a deep relationship with God. Much is said about the biblical significance and importance of maintaining such a close, intimate relationship that God not only demands but earnestly desires. Many practical guidelines are presented regarding God’s design for our lives here on earth—what he would have us think, say, and do; that we are to continue growing; how to deal with gut-wrenching adversity; and that whatever we do is to be for his glory.

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