The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

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Sylvia Stanton has to wonder how every other man on campus can appreciate her except for that sorry, no-good Chad. After a bad decision on Sylvia’s part, Chad is intent on making her pay for her indiscretion. Will Chad’s actions on that traumatizing night pave the way for all of Sylvia’s future relationships? They’re all the same-the Chads, the Peters, the Williams-and now there’s Terrance. All Sylvia is looking for is a man that has some of the same qualities as her father. She isn’t looking for drop-dead good looks or money. All she needs to be happy is a good, strong man who is intelligent, who will love her for the woman she is, and with whom she can grow old. After all, there are women who don’t have half the charm and good looks that she has, and they’re walking around arm in arm with some beautiful brothers. At least that’s the way it seems on the outside looking in. Sylvia would do anything to keep a man happy and satisfied. Yet here she is-stuck in Atlanta, still wishing and hoping. Will she ever find Mr. Right?

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