The Great Gatsby – an Overview

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Essay from the year 2011 in the subject American Studies – Literature, grade: 4.00, , language: English, abstract: As The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald begins Nick Carraway is introduced as the protagonist of the novel. There are various major characters in this novel; nevertheless the protagonist, Nick, helps shape the novel’s plot through his personality and way of living. Nick comes from a well-known family that has lived in the Middle Western city for three extensive generations. The founder of this illustrious family was Nick’s grandfather’s brother, who started a wholesale hardware business, which Nick’s father carries on in the novel. Moreover, Nick graduated from Haven in 1915, twenty-five years after his father. He then participated in the Teutonic migration known as the Great War; Nick was part of the Third Division and was in the ninth machine-gun battalion. Nick then decided to move to the East in 1922 due to the gossip and rumors that circled his personal life. For instance, there were various rumors that Nick was engaged, which are clearly false. The reader can then see that Nick is a man that is easily influenced and bothered by other people’s ideas/statements. Nonetheless Nick wanted to learn the bond business because the Middle West had began to seem as if it were the “ragged edge of the universe.” Nick traveled east of New York, where he began to live at West Egg, which is less stylish, when compared to East Egg. Nick’s house was at the top of the egg, giving him a great view of the neighboring houses. Additionally, Nick bought several volumes on banking and credit, revealing to the reader that Nick is a man that wants to be someone in the world, obtaining a high-quality job in his profession and becoming wealthy.

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