Loving Wings

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Loving Wings is a lively account of stewardesses encountering passengers and problems since 1940, when pilots declared “Adding a woman to the crew is about as sensible as removing one of the wings,” to the 1970s when these adventurous women become a mainstay of passenger service. “Flight Attendants are responsible for passenger safety and passenger service on each and every airline flight. They spend more face to face time with passengers than any other airline person. Flight Attendants have the opportunity to affect the financial success of their airline.” — Hollis Harris, Delta President, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Directors 1987-1990 “Loving Wings takes you into the fascinating world of aviation’s first daring and dedicated pilots and stewardesses who paved the way to making our travels by air safe and pleasant journeys.” — Bobbi Ray Madry, editor Marty Gardner is a very active, retired senior. She performs in 60 variety shows a year in Georgia, with a group of senior women, entitled “Dazzlin’ Dames.” Before retiring, Marty was a stewardess and her husband a flight captain for a major U.S. airline. When not performing, she spends her days behind her husband, Jim, on a Honda Gold Wing, taking long trips across the United States.

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