Loving, Soul Jazzin’ of Humanity’s Sovereign Intimacy

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LOVING is GREETED here- a straight forwarded purgatorial journey – as an invitation to face complex issues of the human odyssey: Who am I? How do I want to BE? What can WE BE as human beings? What’s it all about to BE equitable now? LOVING here distinguishes soul-coring intimacy from “falling in love,” eloquently explores by Toni Morrison’s examples of misused “Love,” and ex[posed as abuse “love” for the kingdom by King Lear’s Usurpation of three daughters’ “love” with promises of privilege and parental regard; these misuses of LOVING and Being IN LOVING murder humanity’s jazzin’; for kincaring. This narrative rejects such UNLOVING scripts and habits as it offers antidotes with LOVING content and tools for equitable kincaring IN LOVING

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