How to Build Up a Loving Relationship

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The book you are about to read, How to Build Up a Loving Relationship, is a love story. The author focuses essentially on the kind of love existing between men and women?leading to marriage, kids, and the rest. If you have the gift of reading between the lines, you will discover other types of love as well. How to Build Up a Loving Relationship glorifies the love of life in general, the love of beauty, and family. Each reading may provide a different understanding. The application of this book in your daily life depends largely on the step at which your personal love relationship is at the moment. The author voluntarily did not include exhaustive lists of dos and don?ts that have the magic to keep a relationship alive. The reason she explained is simple. The thing one can do depend too much on external factors like money and free time availability. However, she recommends all of us to love and respect our partners as much as we love and respect ourselves. The publication of this book fulfills an old promise the author made when she was in high school. She used to function as a freelance counselor to her peers and found some of the stories so interesting that she promised to write a book about love at the appropriate time. Of course, no one believed her. How to Build Up a Loving Relationship is easy to read and is even funny at times although the subject is a very serious one. The author wishes that this book will help you master the most complicated emotion.

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