Getting to the Heart of the Matter, The No-Nonsense Guide to Personal & Professional Transformation

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Our minds and hearts are the most powerful parts of our bodies. But in a world that is now more focused on being busy than being present, it can be challenging to take ownership of our hopes and fears, find a connection between our heart and mind, and shed limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving what we want in life. In Getting to the Heart of the Matter, international coach Catherine Plano shares tips and tools that will help women better understand themselves and ultimately connect their thoughts with deep desires. Catherine Plano relies on over two decades of experience as a transformation coach to share step-by-step guidance that leads women to move past roadblocks, tap into creativity, and embark on a path to a new beginning. Change seekers will learn how to: • transform a passion into a career; • discover meaning in life and work; • develop powerful leadership skills; • revitalize creativity and productivity; • overcome procrastination and bad habits; • boost income by conquering money blocks; • achieve better quality of life; and • improve personal and professional relationships. Getting to the Heart of the Matter is a guide to total transformation that encourages women to design a fulfilling future, achieve goals, navigate life changes, and develop creative strategies that make dreams come true.

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