Demons and Deliverance

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Wendy and I have not come into this ministry willingly, but kicking and screaming and resisting the will of God as we have not wanted to face the consequences associated with the many who ask for help. Sometimes the Lord, by his own sovereign will, sets people free wondrously, almost miraculously, and all smile and are blessed. At other times, people are not set free. Despite all your efforts and despite all your attempts to release a captive, he or she is not freed and then we have to deal with the inevitable consequences of such a divine decision and live with the outcome, no matter how much it may hurt or no matter how our hearts ache for the release of the one being prayed for. But we have learnt that it is not for us to wonder why. It is only for us to believe and trust what he has promised he will do. He has sometimes done the miracle as people have slept in their own beds after being prayed for. He has done the miracles as we have stood there and watched in awe as people are being set free.

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