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Deliverance is an extraordinary reading experience that will stretch your imagination beyond belief. This book travels through the portals of your mind to unlock the deepest places of faith and divine compassion in the reader. The author has direct personal experiences with higher and lower astral beings. She believes there are some things we should know that are happening daily down here on the physical plane that is considered forbidden knowledge. The range of scope of this book encompasses such subjects as personal exorcism, encounters with angelic beings, and wonderful miracles. In this book, you are given a step-by-step process for manifesting your twin flame or soul mate through your own creativity, power of intention, and willingness to take an active role in calling forth love. You will find poetry, chapters on meditation, healing mantras, rituals of love, and old time-proven healing techniques. You will truly believe you are walking between the worlds of darkness and conscious enlightenment. Is this world God’s cosmic joke on us all? Or are we all dreaming?

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