Corrections, A Critical Approach

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Corrections: A Critical Approach, 3rd edition confronts mass imprisonment in the United States, a nation boasting the highest incarceration rate in the world. This statistic is all the more troubling considering that its correctional population is overrepresented by the poor, African-Americans, and Latinos. Not only throwing crucial light on matters involving race and social class, this book also identifies and examines the key social forces shaping penal practice in the US – politics, economics, morality, and technology. By attending closely to historical and theoretical development, the narrative takes into account both instrumental (goal-oriented) and expressive (cultural) explanations to sharpen our understanding of punishment and the growing reliance on incarceration. Covering five main areas of inquiry – penal context, penal populations, penal violence, penal process, and penal state – this book is essential reading for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in undertaking a critical analysis of penology.

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