Bullet to the Heart of the Matter

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When drop-dead gorgeous Victor walks into a room, the air changes. He is every woman’s man—and he knows it. Unfortunately, his charisma does not prevent him from carrying the weight of the world on his two broad shoulders. No one really knows Victor, including himself. Victor has always had a way with women. When he runs into Priscilla Freeman late one night in a local bar, he woos her straight into bed, not realizing that she thinks she has just found Mr. Right. Her biological clock is ticking, and she wants a baby more than anything. But what she does not know is that Victor is hiding a monumental secret that may just prevent him from ever becoming the man she wants him to be. Despite Victor’s long absences away from her life, Priscilla soon discovers her dream has come true—she is pregnant with his baby. Nine months later, Lil Victor is born—and his father still has no idea he has a son. In this compelling tale lust, love, and lies surround a man who realizes that he must reconcile with his past in order to move forward into the future to become the man—and father—he has always wanted to be.

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