Beloved, Parts I – II the Garden Message and in the Still of the Evening

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It was a long time ago when the author asked God for the prophetic message she had not given in her church. Immediately, this book came pouring forth like a gushing, overflowing, river. It was there in the Mojave Desert where He chose to dictate this inspired book in stenographer pads to Celeste when she was a young wife alone with small children. The Message was a book ahead of it’s time. She became the protector of His Message. The author continues to see herself as His simple handmaiden who was allowed to act as His scribe/stenographer. She is still amazed to have become the recipient of this book of inspired spiritual messages. In January, 2000, she was shown this is the time for His Message to be shared with all those who are longing for His love, wisdom, and His Kingdom of Peace. As part of her ongoing adventurous life, she has finally gained courage enough to shout this beautiful message of His divine love and hope from the heights of the majestic Rocky Mountains. He wishes to once again walk and talk with us as He did with our first parents. Are we ready to commune with Him as He desires to commune with us? He loves and misses those souls He created in Eden. This is a wonderful message of hope to all those who wish to find and regain Paradise within their own hearts even if it has not yet been located on Earth or in Heaven. He has not forgotten His people. We are still the treasured souls He made to be His friends and members of His own Family. He has never left us – even until the End of Time.

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