At the Heart of the Matter, A Spiritual Journey for Caregivers

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Caregivers have unique needs as they provide support and care for their loved ones. At the Heart of the Matter ultimately enables caregivers to look at ways to better care for themselves and enhance their wellness while providing care for a loved one. At the Heart of the Matter affords the caregiver an opportunity to personalize his or her caregiving journey based on their individual needs. Special features included: • Famous quotes: offering inspiration and hope to ease the turbulence often experienced during the complex matter of providing care for a sick or disabled loved one. • Points to ponder: caregivers are guided through the spiritual journey as they are prompted to address questions at the end of each chapter. • Assessments: to take a closer look at spiritual strengths, find out what best interests individual caregivers and what strategies individuals feel most comfortable with when it comes to assisting a loved one or client. • Poems and interesting stories: each chapter begins with a short story or poem, which sets the tone for the spiritual journey and offers food for thought. • Concise chapters: many caregivers do not have much free time. The chapters in this book are concise so even caregivers with limited time have the opportunity to focus on how to continue to support a loved one while practicing the art of self-care.

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